Give you more time to spend doing what you love so you don't have to spend countless hours trying to track your issues and manage your well sites Save you money by keeping track of rental checks, damages, and outstanding issues. Since our software is FREE and you save money you have a perfect excuse to buy the new iPhone or Android (just call it a business expense)
Reduce your stress since you have one-stop-shop to quickly manage your issues, well sites, and pipeline. Help you communicate your issues to the land agent or oil company by allowing you to easily pull up pictures, audio, notes, and location
Make it easy to sell or pass your land on to your children…
Now they will see everything at glance
Keep you from losing sensitive information
Use your desktop computer or your mobile device…
Our software lets you either use your computer at home to manage your well sites and track your issues OR you can do it from your iPhone or Android. Since most landowners are likely out in the field when they see an issue (i.e. damages, gate left open, etc.) it is powerful to be able to whip out your mobile phone and record the issue with a click of a button.

You can upload any issue at any time and record your location, upload pictures, record audio, and take notes. Everything you do on your mobile phone will sync with your back office on your home computer and vice versa.
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Why only iPhone and Android?

The simple answer is that they are the easiest mobile devices to develop a mobile app for. Plus, we are giving you an excuse to get a beautiful iPhone or Android since you aren't paying for our software and we are saving you money! We realize that a lot of landowners may have a blackberry but it is difficult building a mobile app that supports all the blackberry platforms.

The good news is that having an iPhone or Android is NOT required. You can still use your home computer to use our software.